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How To Prepare Essiac Tea

How To Prepare Essiac Tea 0

This tea mix has a mysterious story.

A Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse held the recipe close to her chest, from 1922 until her death in 1978. This tea was known to help people recover from xxxxxx, and the recipe was said to have been given to an English miners wife by a Native American healer who used it to cure her breast xxxxxx..  KEEP READING >>

What Is Essiac Chi Tea Used For?

What Is Essiac Chi Tea Used For? 0

Plants are our most powerful source of medicine. The majority of pharmaceuticals are derived from plant compounds. It is no wonder that in recent years people have been turning back to the original source of their healing and using more teas and tinctures from the plant world. Essiac chi tea is a blend of several herbs which have been used by many people suffering from xxxxxx to alleviate unwanted symptoms.