What Is Essiac Chi Tea Used For?
Plants are our most powerful source of medicine. The majority of pharmaceuticals are derived from plant compounds. It is no wonder that in recent years people have been turning back to the original source of their healing and using more teas and tinctures from the plant world. Essiac chi tea is a blend of several herbs which have been used by many people suffering from xxxxxx to alleviate unwanted symptoms. It originated in Canada almost a hundred years ago and was designed to purify the body. The four essential herbs are burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark and turkey rhubarb. There are now several versions on the market and some contain more ingredients than this but without these ingredients the preparation is not really Essiac.


These herbs are particularly associated with xxxxxx treatment as they have specific beneficial actions on cell growth and mutagenesis. Burdock root contains fatty acids which are thought to fight the growth of tumors. Sheep sorrel contains anthraquinones which are chemicals which are still being investigated but are thought to have anti-fungal antibacterial properties. Turkey rhubarb contains glycosides which are commonly found in chemo therapy drugs.

Many of these compounds are still not widely understood but are being used in different ways to treat xxxxxx and other health conditions. xxxxxx is the name for a group if disorders which are similar but not the same so it is important to understand how these herbs might benefit you personally if you plan to take them. It is now thought that our bodies always have xxxxxx cells but a healthy body will keep them under control. Compromised immunity can lead to proliferation of xxxxxx cells and them tumors can develop. Taking herbs which have a general purifying effect can help the immune system so it would seem to be common sense that they could help with xxxxxx.
There have been no clinical trials for Essiac tea but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people who have used it. There has also been some laboratory research which showed that it can kill abnormal cells. It is becoming more popular as a supplement to other treatments and relieving the side effects of chemo and radio therapy.

For people planning to use the tea it is a good idea to speak to your doctor first to ensure it will not interfere with other treatments. It can be a great supporter of other regimes such as nutritional treatments. Essiac should be used to improve quality of life and some users have reported reductions in pain upon consumption.


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