Health benefits of Bach Flowers

This is a type of homeopathy developed by Edward Bach, a homeopath and a physician, in the 1930s. He used different flowers and herbs to affect healing in an individual. He believed that the essence of flowers could affect a person’s physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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Corydalis traditionally used for insomnia, pain relief & menstrual cramps...

Corydalis has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a blood mover, sedative and painkiller since the eighth century A.D. in China.  Today, it is still used alleviate abdominal and menstrual cramps and as an herbal sleep aid to relieve insomnia.  Corydalis is a bitter, slightly acrid and warm herb that has been used effectively as a sedative and tranquilizer.  

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Ode de May Chang Essential Oil

May Chang .. ah... one of my favourite essential oils.  lemony fresh, but not in a sharp squinty lemon in the eye sort of a way.  May Chang is also called Litsea cubeba (the botanical name), or just plain old Litsea.  I'm sure it has other names,, as most essential oils do, but these are the names I use.  


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