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6 Essential Oils That You and Your Family Will Love

Essential oils are such wonderful tools to uplift, calm, invigorate, ground, create a place of happiness, and just about do anything! Some of my favourite essential oils to recommend for the whole family are >>

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Toni McMahon September 20, 2018 Add a comment

What is The Spiritual Meaning of Amethyst?

In short, this is a “de-fogger” of the mind/third eye/crown chakra…If you are indecisive, unfocused, unmotivated, unclear of direction on life’s purpose etc amethyst will help >>

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Dany Andrew September 14, 2018 Add a comment

Where Can I Buy Black Salve?

In Australiathe TGA strongly recommends you do not use black salve.  Black Salve is not banned because to be banned by the TGA, a medicine must have been approved at one point.   

Black Salve is not illegal, howeverdue to the combination of ingredients, specifically >>

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Toni McMahon September 06, 2018 Add a comment
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