Natural Lice Busters

Wow, school starts and so do the Lice.  They are not fun for the kids or the family and friends who have to keep cleaning their heads.  There are many remedies around and we get to view a few working in Plant Essentials. 

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January 16, 2017 Add a comment

We no longer offer Paypal as a payment option online, here's why...

The offending product that caused all the fuss.. nail polish, yup lol.

A customer today tried 2 times to pay for her online order using Paypal. Two times declined with an odd we looked into it and called Paypal. Low and behold, the nail polish we sell contravenes some financial law, that only Paypal seems to notice.

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December 14, 2016 5 comments

Why Herb Robert Is Beneficial For The Health

Geranium robertianum is a mysterious herb that is said to have the miraculous ability to reduce the size of tumors. Herb Robert is reputedly helpful in treating some types of cancers and boosting the immune system. Here are some of its tradition health benefits that you may find useful.seful.

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November 23, 2016 2 comments