Crystal Safety


Crystals & stones are wonderful tools to use for health, healing, ritual & other uses.  As with everything, safety needs to be considered, be it an essential oil, herb, crystal or any other tool.  Note that some crystals grow in locations where undesirable minerals may be present such as lead & mercury for example.  Some crystals have elements in them that are intrinsic parts of the crystals structure.  Always wash your hands after handing crystals.  If you are entering the creative sphere of making crystal elixirs, it is your responsibility to ensure the crystals you are about to use are safe for that purposes.  This list is not an all inclusive list, and can not be relied on as your sole source of research, however, it's a great start.  If in doubt ask & research further.



When creating a direct method crystal essence, or a crystal elixir, be safe, always check to be sure there are no toxic minerals in the crystals or stones you plan to use that can leech out into the water. If there is, there are safe, alternative methods to work with that stone’s energies.

This is by no means a comprehensive toxic crystals and stones.  Please always do your own research in addition to checking here. When in doubt, do without!

Actinolite                      May contain asbestos. Not recommended for elixirs

Adamite                        Contains arsenic and some copper

Ajoite                            Contains aluminum and copper

Alexandrite                   Contains aluminum

Amazonite                    Contains copper

Atacamite                     Contains copper

Aquamarine                 Contains aluminum

Auricalcite                    Contains zinc and copper

Azurite                          Contains copper

Beryl Group                  Contains aluminum

Bixbite, Emerald, Aquamarine, Goshenite, Heliodor, Morganite

Black Tourmaline         Contains aluminum

Bronzite                        Avoid if pregnant.

Boji-stones                   Contains some sulphur, pyrite and/or marcasite

(aka Moqui Balls, Shaman Stone, Shamanic Star Stone)

Bronchantite                Contains copper

Cavansite                      Contains copper

Celestite                       Contains strontium

Chalcantite                   Contains copper

Chalcopyrite                 Contains copper and sulphur

(peacock stone)

Chrysocolla                  Contains copper

Cinnabar                       Contains mercury

Conicalcite                    Contains copper

Copper                         Can be poisonous depending on quantity

Covellite                       Contains copper and sulphur

Croicite                         May have lead contamination

Cuprite                          Contains copper

Dioptase                       Contains copper

Dumortierite                 Contains aluminum

Emerald                        Contains aluminum

Fluorite                         Contains fluorine

Garnet                          Contains aluminum

Spessartine, Almandine, Uvarovite, Rhodolite, Hessonite

Gem Silica                    Contains copper

Galena                           Contains lead

Garnierite                      Contains nickel

(aka Falcondoite)

Hematite                      Will rust, but not toxic

Iolite                              Contains aluminum

Kunzite                         Contains aluminum

Labradorite                  Contains aluminum

Lapis Lazuli                   Contains pyrite

Lepidolite                     Contains aluminum

Magnetite                    Will rust, but not toxic

Malachite                     Contains copper

Markasite                     Contains sulphur

Mohawkite                   Contains copper and Arsenic

Moldavite                     Contains aluminum oxide

Moonstone                  Contains aluminum

Morganite                    Contains aluminum

Pietersite                      Fibrous form contains asbestos

Prehnite                        Contains aluminum

Psiomelan                    Contains barium

Pyrite                            Contains sulphur

Realgar                          Contains sulphur and arsenic

Ruby                              Contains aluminum

Sapphire                       Contains aluminum

Selenite                         Although not toxic, friable; tiny shards may break off in water

Serpentine                    Fibrous form contains asbestos

Smithsonite                  May contain copper

Sodalite                        Contains aluminum

Spinel                            Contains aluminum

Spodumene                  Contains aluminum

(aka Kunzite)

Staurolite                     Contains aluminum

Stibnite                         Contains lead and antimony

Stilbite                          Contains aluminum

Sugilite                          Contains aluminum

Sulfur                            Poisonous

Sunstone                      Contains aluminum

Tanzanite                      Contains aluminum

–Gem variety of Zoisite.

Topaz                            Contains aluminum

Torbenite                      Radioactive

Tourmaline                   Contains aluminum

Tremolite                      May contain asbestos

Turquoise                     Contains copper and aluminum

Vanadinite                    Contains vanadium

Variscite                       Contains aluminum

Vesuvianite                  Contains aluminum

Wavellite                      Contains aluminum

Wulfenite                     Contains lead and molybdenum

Zircon                            Contains zirconium, radioactive

Zoisite                           Contains aluminum


Radioactivity Concerns

Radioactive Gems. You may have a valid concern if you own artificially irradiated crystals, gems or stones. Try to steer clear of the following: deeply pigmented topaz, artificially dark (almost black) smokey quartz, very deep pink or red tourmaline, coloured diamonds, deeply coloured kunzite & some cultured pearls.

Safety information courtesy of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy website & other sites & books.

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