Plant Essentials shampoos and conditioners are made by us to be low foaming, low drying and low irritating. Plus natural henna hair colours.

The trick with using our shampoos: Plant Essentials shampoos create beautiful clean shiny hair.  The trick is to use plenty of water when washing.  Add water to your hair, and add the shampoo straight away and start lathering straight away.  If you struggle to get a lather, add more water and then immediately lather, then add more shampoo.  At this point your hair is holding more water and it will lather beautifully.  Rinse thoroughly, then always, always condition or serum up! (unless using the soapwort range of shampoos, which don't generally require added moisture)

Henna tip:  mix with hot water then let sit for 30 minutes, then mix again just before applying to dry hair, cling wrap it and tick tock.  Add a dash of lemon or vinegar to help the henna take to hard to colour hair.  Always treat your hair to some nourishment after henna colouring - shea butter, argan oil, our hair serum, coconut oil, you pick!!


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