How To Clean Your House Naturally
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how to clean your house naturally

How To Clean Your House Naturally

Cleaning your house naturally and effectively is super easy, safer and cheaper than using chemical cleaners. 

Some simple natural ingredients I use include:

Here is how I use them:

Cleaning the Oven (not something I do a lot as I don’t tend to use it, but…)

After wiping out anything easy to remove, sprinkle bi-carb wherever grime is left.  Then add some vinegar to a spray bottle and spray the bicarb.  The reaction lifts grime over a few minutes, allowing you to wipe it away.


Add a splash of Castile Liquid Soap and essential oils of your choice to hot water in a mop bucket.   Sometimes I also add a splash of vinegar if the floor has any sort of oil spills on it.  Alternatively, if the floor is clean in appearance but rather needs an energetic clean, I add a handful of salt to fresh hot water to mop with.

Soaking Sports Shoes

This is a great way to bring shoes up like new, especially if you don’t tend to wear socks.  Add a heaped table spoon of Eco Oxygen to a bucket of warm water.  Once dissolved, add your shoes and watch the magic.  Dirt and bacterial will bubble from the material and gather on the top of the water.  I let them soak for an hour. Then rinse well and leave them outside to dry.

Tiled Benches

The grout in tiled benches can become a haven for all sorts of things.  To give the grout a really good clean, mix some Eco Oxygen with warm water and wipe over the area leaving sufficient solution on to soak the area.  Let sit for 10-25minutes then wipe off with fresh water.

Shower doors and grout

I actually just use some African Black Soap or castile soap and a brush for this task.  If using African black soap, let some sit in some water until soft and use it as a cleaning paste.  Scrub with the brush dipped in the soap, then rinse off.

Mould Prone Walls

Clove, Geranium and Tea Tree and effective essential oils for removing and preventing moulds.  Note that if the mould has been there a long time, it will need to be physically removed and repainted.

Add 10 drops of each of the above essential oils to a bowl of warm water and wipe the area down thoroughly.  New mould should wipe off.  Do not wipe the area over with fresh water or you will remove the essential oil benefits.

Windows & Mirrors

Spray a blend of lemon & eucalyptus essential oils in a natural base & then wipe off with paper towel for a streak free clean.  Here’s the recipe:

In a 500ml spray bottle add

Benches & Other Surfaces

Spray a blend of essential oils in a natural base and then wipe off with paper towel or a soft cloth.  Here’s the recipe:

In a 500ml spray bottle add



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