Health Benefits And Uses Of Four Thieves Blend Essential Oil
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Health Benefits And Uses Of Four Thieves Blend Essential Oil

There are many natural plants and minerals that produce concentrated oils that provide a number of benefits to a person's general health and well being. Each of them possesses their own fine qualities which make them useful, but when certain ones are combined in a precise way, the results are simply incredible. Such is the case with Four Thieves Essential Oil, a unique creation with amazing properties.

This special mixture gets its interesting name from a 15th-century tale of 4 men who found an interesting way to make money during the plague. They would dowse themselves in several highly fragrant oils that would mask the smells of death, and plunder the homes of the victims who had passed. The combination became popular because it seems to have protected them from infection. 

A uniquely fragrant mixture of eucalyptus, rosemary, clove, lemon and cinnamon cut with olive or vegetable oils as a carrier, this product is quite potent. Each of these ingredients are highly effective for many issues on their own. In combination, they basically form a supercharged product that serves as a general solution to a multitude of situations.

In The Home

The versatility of this mixture is practically endless. In the home, it is typically diffused in order to freshen the air, eliminate odors and add a bit of fragrance to the space. Because of its potency, when used in enclosed spaces like in a house or office, it should only be dispersed for no more than thirty minutes at a time to avoid becoming overpowering.

Topical Application

As a topical application, this solution is quite effective at alleviating low to mid-level aches and pains. If diluted with a massage base, it can be rubbed directly onto the sore area or on the chest, nape of the neck or under the arms for an all over stimulating effect.

General Health

For general overall health, relaxation and immune system support, the best place to apply this mix is the bottom of one's feet as the absorption is very thorough.

Both cinnamon and clove are two highly potent substances on their own, so when combined, the strength is multiplied. While perfectly safe to use in the proper ways, they should never be placed on the lips, and always diluted with a carrier before being placed on one's skin to avoid burning sensations. When dealing with children or the elderly, it is highly recommended to choose the diffusing option over topical application, just to be safe.


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