Best Essential Oils to Clean Your Yoga Mat?

We are asked this question quite regularly in our Townsville shop.  Probably so regularly we really should make a ready to go product.  The absolute best combination of essential oils to use for cleaning a yoga mat, in my opinion, is our Four Thieves essential oil blend.  It is a combination of clove bud, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils.  It is such an effective anti-bacterial & anti-fungal blend.

Here is a recipe to make a yoga mat spray for use in your home or at the studio:

In a 200ml bottle

  • Add 60 drops of four thieves essential oil blend
  • Add an equal amount of essential oil solubuliser
  • Swish well to combine the ingredients
  • Add 50ml of warm water (around 70oC)
  • Put the cap on and mix well
  • Add 50ml of perfume base
  • Put the cap on and mix well
  • Fill the bottle up with fresh water, cap and shake again
  • Label your spray essential oil solubiliser perfume base glass amber spray bottle 200ml

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