Dry Body Brush (firm pressure) Sisal with beech wood handle


medium grade dry body brush

Sisal Brushes are made of vegetable fibres produced from crushed cactus leaves. The Stimulating fibre gives an invigorating cleanse and is ideal for dry body brushing.  May assist the improvement of cellulite, stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation.  Tones skin for a youthful smoothe glow.

Use: Dry.

Care - Rinse and dry thoroughly after use. Natural materials go mouldy if stored in a damp condition. 

Skin Brush to reduce Cellulite

This brush contains pure and natural sisal.  Sisal is a sustainable, vegetarian fibre from the agave cactus and is perfect for improving skin tone and exfoliating.  Use dry.

The detachable handle is made of sustainable FSC certified beech wood.