The advantages of Dry Body Brushing

Cellulite is believed to be the accumulation of toxins in & around the fat cells. Dry body brushing is a fantastic and easy way to reduce this orange peel appearance.

Dry body brushing helps shed dead skin cells and encourage new cell renewal revealing glowingly smoother and softer skin for longer. This kind of exfoliation also helps reduce ingrown hairs. By moving the toxins out of the cellulite area via brushing and drinking plenty of pure fresh water, the body is able to discharge waste and function more effectively.  It's not uncommon to visibly see a small reduction in size as a side benefit.

Dry skin brushing helps rejuvenate the nervous system and tones muscle.  Not only will you feel energised, but your circulatory system will also be stimulated. This traditional health practice is followed by a bath or shower, preferably using complimentary detoxing products.

The lymphatic flow around the body is also improved. If you are not a physically active person, skin brushing can be a good technique to stimulate the lymph nodes and get rid of the waste and toxins. 

Lymph is a slow moving fluid whose primary role is to remove metabolic waste and dead cells from the internal system. Through daily activities such as exercise, blood circulation and breathing, the lymph node is aided in its ability to drain toxins. Dry brush technique stimulates the nerves under the skin layer, which in turn increase the function of the lymphatic system.

Extensive research from scientists has shown that the formation of cellulite is related to lymph congestion. By exfoliating the skin properly, it can speed up the metabolism and break down the fatty deposits. Many ailments can be alleviated when all the waste is flushed out of the blood stream through skin exfoliation techniques.

Remember to drink plenty of fresh pure water!


How to Care for and Use your Dry Body Brush

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