Detox Skin & Lymph Cleanse
It is believed we excrete over a pound of waste through our skin every day.  And when we are full of toxins, our lymphatic systems get clogged.  Exfoliating the skin two or three days per week helps stimulate blood and lymph flow to encourage new cell growth.  Ideal exfoliation methods for detoxifying include dry body brushing and / or the use of a salt scrub.  A couple of weekly bath detox treatments in dead sea mineral bath salts are also recommended to heal and sooth.  These salts help extract toxins and impurities from the body and are also beneficial when convalescing from illness.


Exfoliation Method I: Dry Body Brushing  Dry body brushing is ideal for getting the lymphatic system moving.  It works well if done first thing in the morning because the increased blood flow can help awaken and energize.   Body brushing is performed on dry skin with a body brush with natural bristles.  All movements are performed in an upward direction towards the heart.  Use 7 long, light strokes per for each area listed below and be G-E-N-T-L-E.  If your skin gets red, you are being too aggressive!   Start at the feet and continue upwards, covering each of the following areas separately:lower legs (front and back), thighs (front and back), groin / tummy (both sides),  lower arms (front and back), upper arms (front and back), then under arms (both sides)

Exfoliation Method II: Salt Scrub  The following recipe is for a detox salt scrub for use in the shower.  Add the following ingredients in a jar & mix well:  7 drops of essential oil* (see list for recommended essential oils for detox),  1/4 cup of dead sea mineral salts or Epsom salts, a drizzle of sweet almond oil.  After washing, gently rub your scrub (about 1-2 tablespoons) in a circular motion all over your body, excluding face and sensitive areas.  Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse well.  Caution: Do not shave before using scrub and be careful not to slip and fall!  Also, do not perform dry body brushing the same day as a salt scrub because you may irritate your skin.

 Mineral Salts Bath:  This recipe is for detoxifying bath salts.  The salts help emulsify the essential oils and are very nourishing to the skin.  One cup of dead sea mineral salts or Epsom Salts & 7 drops essential oil* (see list for recommended essential oils for detox).  Run bath water, add salts when tub is almost full and mix in well.  Soak for 15 minutes.

*Essential Oils for Detox:

1)  Kunzea is an essential oil distilled from the leaves a small prolific bush in Australiaand was discovered in the 1990’s.  The oil properties are as follows:
- helps with joint and / or muscle inflammation
- kills yeast and e-coli
- aids with skin conditions, including eczema and dermatitis
- helps with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and addictive behaviours
- increases the power of other essential oils
- helps relieve respiratory ailments
2)  Grapefruit essential oil properties:
- helps with mold and fungus
- good for cellulite
- helps to balance fluid in body
- lymph system detox
- liver and gall bladder stimulant
3)  Cypress essential oil properties:
- diuretic
- increases circulation
- helps with varicose veins
- helps with hemorroids
- tightens
- helps with excessive sweating
- lymphatic decongestant
- pancreas and liver tonic

As you perform these detox methods for cleansing the skin and lymphatic system, aim to drink more water and be sure to get in some exercise.  The lymphatic system has a pumping action, so it is important to keep it moving so it can receive nutrients.  Exercise increases lymph flow, which tones your glandular system, removes waste and keeps lymph fluid moving.  If you experience facial breakouts during your detox, a clay mask will help dry up the breakouts and extract the impurities excreted through your skin.  You are well on your way to looking and feeling healthier, happier and glowing!

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