Black Walnut Hulls powder, Juglans nigra. Wildcrafted

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Black Walnut   (Juglans nigra ) is wildcrafted in America

AKA  Black Walnut Hulls, Carya, Jupiter's Nuts, Nux persica, Nux regia, akhort. 

Cautions   please be aware that herbs, although natural can interact with certain medications, and that they may be ill advised to use under certain health conditions.  Please consult a qualified health practitioner for cautions pertinent to you.

No therapeutic claim   is made or intended for this product.  Information is for educational purposes only. 


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Walnut is the seed of the Juglans nigra, a northern hardwood tree that may grow beyond 30m in height.

The black walnut is covered with a green pulp until Autumn, when it falls to the ground and turns black. Black walnut hull is the shell, or coating of the nut inside. It has long been important in Russian folk medicine as well as that of India and Pakistan, where it is known as akhort.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, a tincture or extract of black walnut hull was used to treat syphilis, but was not particularly effective (though preferable to the alternative, which was toxic mercury!) 

Traditionally, it is has been used to eliminate intestinal parasites; some travellers carry the extract of the Juglans nigra when in places in which water is of questionable quality. The early results of some laboratory studies suggest that black walnut hull powder or tincture may also reduce the risks of developing cancer.

Dried Juglans nigra may be taken in a capsule or used to create a tincture or liquid extract; however, the taste is quite bitter.    


Can be toxic if used incorrectly, therefore, it is wise to use under the guidance of a qualified herbalist.    

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