How to Rid Mould Recipe

Wiping Down Walls

🌿 Mix 1% (or 10ml approx) clove oil (also knows as oil of clove) or four thieves
🌿 In 1 Litre of water or vinegar

Alternatively, you can make a spray for easier use:

🌿 To a 500ml spray bottle
🌿 Add 5ml clove essential oil or four thieves
🌿 Add 100ml of perfume alcohol, vodka or vinegar
🌿 Shake well, then fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake well again


oil of clove four thieves

perfume base glass spray bottle 500ml

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Sep 22, 2021
Raymond Linsket

My daughter & I are interested in all types of herbal remedies. I was the president of the backyard sufficient club in Ipswich, during the 1990’s, which was interested in all natural remedies. I am a registered partner with the Ipswich City Council with my property as a habitat ( 25 perches) for birds, eastern water dragons, possums & any wildlife that needs somewhere to stop for a rest.

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