Healing and Reiki

I’ve been asked to write a little piece about Reiki and what it can do for us and how we live in our world.

Complementary/alternative/energetic Healers work from an understanding that the Mind, Body and Spirit are intrinsically connected. Out dated or false thought patterns, emotions and negative beliefs sit in our body causing, dis-ease and distress. They can manifest within our body as headaches, anxiety, chronic illnesses and injuries. Becoming aware of what various body parts correlate with what thought patterns and emotions can be hugely beneficial to the whole healing process. A great book for that is The Body is the Barometer of the Soul by Annette Noontil. (Find it here)

The left side of the body is related to the Feminine aspect and your spirituality. Issues with anything to do with this side of the body can be related back to how you view the Feminine in your life. Your mother, your role as a mother, your sisters, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, grandmothers or any woman you’re in contact with. It can also relate to how you view your place in the world and your values in regard to either how you relate to women or how you feel about being a woman. Your spirituality is also expressed here. Do you have a strong spiritual base? What makes your heart sing? What are your beliefs?

The right side of your body is related to the Masculine and how you physically move through your life. Are you doing what you love? Do you hesitate? Do you take responsibility for yourself? Again, the same questions have relevance except that are male related.

Something else to consider…are you accident prone? Which side of your body is more inclined to be injured? As a child, I was always breaking my toes. Left and right! I grew up overseas in a violent and magical country. Hindsight makes me laugh about it. I understand completely why these little injuries kept occurring. Add to this understanding, that there are no such things as accidents, makes it even more revealing! 

Reiki offers insight into how you are travelling in this world. Your body really is your spiritual vehicle and your Home. It will always let you know what’s going on. Reiki can be just the key you’re looking for to decipher what it’s trying to tell you.

I will be conducting Reiki workshops at POTION by Plant Essentials throughout 2016 if you feel that you would like to know more.



Who is Leeor?

Leeor  has been surrounded by magic all her life and at the age of 18, remembered she was a Witch. 

She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and a Divine Essences Consultant.

Leeor has been reading Tarot for clients for 13 years now and has studied with Lucy Cavendish so uses her cards for all her work.

Leeor is also an experienced workshop facilitator, having conducted workshops in foundations and fundamentals in Witchcraft, Dark Moon and Menstrual work, Light and Dark Goddess work, Red Tents and First Wound work.

Her main goal is to give clients the tools to Heal themselves. Whether it be the confidence to trust where their intuition is guiding them, the tools to enable them to make their own discoveries or the understanding that there is a way to navigate their world that leads them out of their outdated story, and back to their own Sovereignty. 


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