Health benefits of Bach Flowers

This is a type of homeopathy developed by Edward Bach, a homeopath and a physician, in the 1930s. He used different flowers and herbs to affect healing in an individual. He believed that the essence of flowers could affect a person’s physical and spiritual wellbeing.

His technique was to use different flower materials (that he determined were most potent) and mix them with water and brandy. As is the nature of homeopathy, the mixture was continuously diluted until only the essence of the starting flower material was present. He believed that it was this essence that could heal a person.

The remedies can be used alone or in conjunction with others. Practitioners are trained to use and create his flower remedies. They can be used on children and pets as well.

Benefits to Children

Children are smaller versions of us. They can also benefit from homeopathic remedies. Because it is diluted, the same dose that is given to adults is also given to children. There are no toxic substances used so side effects are rare.

Because Bach flower remedies are used mostly to affect emotional states in an individual, they are used for children with learning difficulties and other emotional issues. Depending on the child’s symptoms, a trained Bach flower homeopath can recommend one of his standard remedies or create one based on his recommendations for different plants.

Since Bach flower remedies are made with alcohol, this has been a concern with parents. However, because of the dilution sequence, there is very little alcohol present to affect the child. For some remedies, there are alcohol-free versions.

Here are some examples of flower essences and the conditions they may be used for.

* Rescue remedy – This is one of Dr. Bach’s standard remedies. It is used to reduce stress, anxiety and acting out in a child. It is composed of cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, star of Bethlehem and rock rose. There is an alcohol-free base available.

* Clematis – This flower is used in a remedy designed to restore focus and stop mental concentration issues in children. The Daydream Remedy may help children to find academic success.

* Hornbeam – This is another essence used to help with mental focus. It is not available in an alcohol-free base.

* Impatiens – As you would guess, it helps with children who are impatient or easily irritated.

* Larch – This flower essence can help boost confidence in children who are easily discouraged, lack self-esteem or lack a feeling of value in themselves.

Note that Bach flower remedies are homeopathic and pose few side effects for children.


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