What Are The Best Essential Oils For Cleaning?

Depending on what you want to achieve, there are many, many essential oils you could choose from. To keep it simple I have listed my top selection.

Four Thieves

A purifying anti-bacterial blend of clove bud, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils.  This could literally be your go-to for all situations.  You could stop reading here.


Anti-bacterial & antifungal.  A great oil to wipe down chopping boards and other surfaces with.  To do this I add a couple of drops to a bowl of warm water, or to a dampened clean cloth.

It’s also a great essential oil for bringing out the shine in glass, mirrored surfaces and stainless steel.  Add to a spray bottle with some vinegar or perfume base and water, then spray and wipe.


Great for removing sticky substances from surfaces.  I use this one undiluted for removing sticky stuff, so just take care with the type of surface you use it on.

Sweet Orange

Is the grease fighter of the essential oil.  Use it the same way you would use lemon essential oil.

Clove Bud

A great anti-mold essential oil (other great choices are geranium & tea tree).  Add to warm water, wipe over areas.


Great if you have an ant problem.  Add it to your mop water or bench cleaners to create a barrier they don’t want to cross.

Always dilute your essential oils.  Always take care with animals and children or those with allergies or medical conditions.  Always patch test surfaces to ensure the essential oils will not cause damage.


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