How to Use Crystals in The Home

One of the easiest ways to create a space at home that you love, is via the use of crystal energy.

Crystals can improve and lift the energy of a space by protecting a space, calming a space or grounding a space for example.

To begin, some important points to consider before setting up your crystals

Ensure you that you have chosen the correct crystals for the task.  

An example of crystals you might choose include:

  • Rose quartz to promote a calm and nourishing environment
  • Black Tourmaline to protect a space from negative energy or attack
  • Fluorite to encourage a clear focused energy (say a study area)
  • Lodestone to ground a space where perhaps there is scattered energy.

However there are many crystals you could choose, these are just some of my favourites and staples.

Ensure that the crystals have been cleansed appropriately:

  • Using the correct selection of methods for the specific crystals you are using (see how to cleanse crystals here)

Prepare the space:

  • Cleanse the space physically by removing clutter, and cleaning the space physically. 
  • Mopping with salt water is most beneficial. You may also smudge the space (see how to perform a smudging ritual) using white sage, palo santo, or you could add lemon myrtle essential oil to your mop water, and also burn it in a diffuser. 
  • Be mindful to hold the intention of clearing the space of all negative energy during this phase.

Then lay out your crystals:

  • With the desired intention place your crystals in the room.
  • For protection, laying out black tourmaline in the four corners, or either side of doorways.
  • You may use an intention such as “crystal, protect this space for my (our) highest good, and allow no negative energy/thoughts to enter.  Whatever wording you resonate with is what you should use, and be specific!
  • You’ll feel the need to repeat this, it may be as your intuition indicates, a weekly event, or even for a specific period of time (say during a meditation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief blog on how to use crystals in the home.  I’d love to here how you use crystals in your home!

~ Toni


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