How Can I Use Essential Oils Around The House?

Essentials oils are natural extractions of flowers, roots, barks, leaves and other parts of aromatic plants.  These concentrated oils can be used around the house in a variety of useful ways.


Firstly, as medicines applied externally to alleviate pain, stagnation, congestion, infection or other general concerns.  We can use essential oils diluted in massage oils for soreness or calm, diluted into face mists to refresh and hydrate or added to balms and lotions for many, many other purposes.


Around the house they can be used to clean and disinfect your space, whether that is energetically via eucalyptus or lemon myrtle in a diffuser or room spray, or more intensive and physical cleaning by adding tea tree or lavender to diluted castile soap to clean benches, sweet orange or lime added to vinegar to clean or salt water to clean your floors.


Window Cleaner

Lemon added to perfume base makes a great window and mirror cleaner.


Mould Prevention

Clove and geranium added to a spray bottle can remove and prevent mould.



In the yard you can add certain essential oils such as neem and lavender to body wash base to prevent or remove fleas from your fur baby pup.  Kick the ants out of the house with peppermint diluted and applied around their pathways.   You can even prevent other creepy crawlies from entering your space with the correct selection of oils, without causing them harm. Snakes tend to dislike clove.



In the bedroom essential oils can set the mood for romance, rose, jasmine and mandarin can be beautiful… what do you love?


Living Area

In the living area you can set the mood for entertaining, lemongrass, ginger, black pepper or lime to get the party started (Far Away is a great blend for a chatty dinner party).  


Keeping Calm & Sleeping

You can also create a calming sleep environment by diffusing sandalwood, vetiver, chamomile, bergamot or any other calming or grounding essential oil (have you tried our super grounding Sleep essential oil blend?  Or our calming nurturing Tranquil blend.)


Essential oils can be used in so many ways, I feel I have only just touched on some of the uses.  To learn more attend one of our workshops or subscribe to our newsletter.

Essential oils (no matter what brand or tagline) are not for ingesting however, herbs are for that :)

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