10 Wonderful Homeopathy Remedies for Sleep Problems
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10 Wonderful Homeopathy Remedies for Sleep Problems

Homeopathy is a wonderful tool for simple remedies around the home.  Here is a selection of Homeopathic Sleep Remedies:

Aconite: Sleepless because of anxiety, constantly agitated and tosses about. Nightmares and anxious dreams cause acute fear. May fear going to sleep.
Arsenicum: Disturbed, anxious, restless, agitated and tosses and turns, usually worse after midnight. Children are very demanding and will cry for their parents to come and help. Thirsty for frequent small sips of water.
Belladonna: Sleepless during a fever, with dryness of the mouth, pulsing blood vessels, cold extremities and hunger. There may be frequent waking, moaning and tossing about.
Chamomilla: Commonly indicated in teething children. They have difficulty crystals and flower essences workshopfalling asleep, and demand things only to refuse them. They want to be picked up and carried, then put down and picked up again. During sleep they may start with fright, cry, toss about, rave, groan or snore.
Cocculus: Exhausted and dizzy from sleep disturbance. Worse from loss of sleep for instance when caring for the sick, a restless baby or adjusting to shift work, jet lag etc.
Ignatia: Sleeplessness after a shock, emotional stress or grief. Yawning, sighing and overwrought in the daytime yet unable to sleep at night.
Kali phos: This nerve tonic remedy is great when exhausted by stress, study or overwork. It supports the nervous system and can be used in conjunction with other indicated remedies.
Nat Mur: Insomnia after the death of a loved one, a slight, or loss where they feel isolated, aggrieved and perhaps cry them­selves off to fitful sleep. Sadness made worse when someone tries to console them.
Nux vomica: Effects of over study, overwork, overindulgence, too many late nights or for a disturbed routine. Sleepless after waking up very early in the morning, goes back to sleep just before the alarm goes off, and is then irritable from lack of sleep.
Pulsatilla: Wide awake in the evening and first sleep is restless. May be chilly but likes to have the window open. For the child who is timid, lacks confidence and is clingy and weepy if upset. They are very impressionable and may have difficulty falling asleep if anything disturbing has happened during the day. They may have nightmares about being left by parents and they like to be rocked to sleep. 

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