Yellow Argiletz Clay 100g

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Yellow  Argiletz Clay 100g

Argiletz Clays come in a variety of colours giving different purposes:

  • Green - Detoxifying and suitable for non sensitive skin types
  • Pink - Cleansing and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Yellow - Revitalising (available on request)
  • Red - Nourishing for Capillarised skin (available on request)

Use:  Simply add a teaspoon to a clay bowl, then add either of the following until you reach a thickness you like:

Jojoba cream - gives a good scent free nourishing organic mask

Hemp Cream - add even more nourishing benefits of hemp oil and soothing chamomile, sandalwood & lime.

Rosewater - for a toning mask

Distilled water - for a simple cleanse

You can even mix pumice through and add the clay to other products for other purposes... attend one of our skincare making classes to learn more.


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