Yarrow ~ Seed packet, Eden Seeds

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Yarrow ~ Seed packet, Eden Seeds

(Achillea millefolium)

White flowering variety, preferred for medicinal use. Named after Achilles, the wounded warrior. Also known as bloodwort, wound wort, staunchweed, knight's milfoil and herba militaris, for its longtime use in staunching blood flow on the battle field.
Perennial from creeping rootstock. Repels insects. Organic potassium, copper, iron and sulphur. Soft feathery ground cover, with flower spikes to 40cm. Compost activator. Tea used medicinally as a blood builder and immune tonic. Healing and soothing effects on the mucous membranes. Sow after frost. Drought tolerant and hardy.

Seed count: 7600/g.

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