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SAGE White (Sacred Sage, Grandfather Sage) Seeds

(Salvia apiana)

A revered evergreen perennial shrub native to the American Southwest and used widely by the First People of the Americas as a food source, medicinally, and within ceremony. Striking silvery foliage, soft and smooth to the touch, releasing distinctive aromatics when crushed or brushed against. Commonly burned as incense and believed to dispel negativity. White sage has woody stems at the base, changing to fleshy toward the tips, and reaches approximately one and a half metres, putting out long wands bearing small white flowers. White Sage has a naturally low germination rate and can be tricky to grow. It prefers a dry environment with well-draining, sandy soils and does best in full sun. Seeds may prefer a lightly watered cactus mix to start and once established, loves to stabilise your rocky banks and slopes.

Seed count: 130/g.

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