Selenite Fishtail ~ Large

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Fishtail ~ Selenite

Selenite is an activator of the higher chakras it powerfully activates the Soul star and crown chakra which allows the embrace of spiritual emotional content with understanding. This stone holds one of the most powerful activation energies on earth which it infuses by first opening pure communication with guidance in spirit. Can clean and clear the physical and energy bodies. Selenite holds the records of earths evolution within it which it may share with those whom ask. Opens telepathic communication and allows past life communication. Selenite is a powerful link stone to the Pleiadian Star system and may in some open associated wisdoms and paths of service that must be completed now. With Turquoise Selenite may allow one to speak directly with the earth and facilitate her balance via grid work and Liquid Crystal direct dosing. from "The Liquid Crystals Oracle"

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