Saw Palmetto Berry powder, Serenoa repens, Organically grown


Size: per gram (25g minimum)

organically grown in the USA

Saw Palmetto Berry

Serenoa repens  

Palmetto Sabal, Sabal serrulata.


Cautions   please be aware that herbs, although natural can interact with certain medications, and that they may be ill advised to use under certain health conditions.  Please consult a qualified health practitioner for cautions pertinent to you.

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Actions: Diuretic, urinary antiseptic, endocrine agent.
Saw Palmetto berry is commonly used as a diuretic to increase the flow of urine and to allow the body to remove excess water. The berries may help to reduce prostate enlargement and inflammation. It may also help as a sedative and a cough expectorant, and may also help as a tonic to generally improve one's health.


The plant itself looks like a short palm tree, except that instead of growing tall like a tree it tends to spread into a bushy shrub-sized plant. The palm produces white flowers that lead to the formation of reddish-black berries.
Saw Palmetto is a herb that acts to tone and strengthenthe male reproductive system. It may be used with safety where a boost to themale sex hormones is required. It is specific in cases of enlarged prostateglands. It will be of value in infections of the genito-urinary tract.


Ellingwood gives the following specific symptomatology: "The directinfluence of this agent is exerted upon the entire reproductive apparatus,especially upon the prostate gland of the male. It is demanded in enlargedprostate, with throbbing, aching, dull pain, discharge of prostatic fluid, attimes discharge of mucus, also of a yellowish, watery fluid, with weakenedsexual power, orchalgia, epididymitis and orchitis, when associated withenlarged prostate. In women, ovarian enlargement, with tenderness and dullaching pains, weakened sexual activity, and small undeveloped mammary glands,are much benefited by its continued use. It is a sedative to all irritableconditions of these organs and is a profound nutritive tonic, operating muchlike phosphorus. It increases the size and secreting power of the mammaryglands where they are abnormally small and inactive. It improves the tone andovercomes irritability of the ovaries, relieving dysmenorrhoea when due toatonicity. It may be given with confidence in wasting of the testes in theearly stages and the development of varicocele retarded with the growth andnutrition of the testes developed materially by its use. To this agent isascribed considerable power in reducing the size of hypertrophied prostate inolder men and in quickly relieving cystic and other disorders incident to thiscondition. It relieves irritation of the bladder to a satisfactory extent,correcting the irritable character of the urine, increases the muscular powerof the patient to expel the urine and produces a sense of relief, that is inevery way gratifying and satisfactory. In the treatment of impotence in youngmen who have been excessive in their habits, or have masturbated, it can berelied upon with positiveness. It will overcome the excitability fromexhaustion and increase sexual power in those newly married who, having beenanxious concerning their sexual strength or ability, have become suddenlyalmost entirely impotent after marriage. If the patient is instructed toabstain, from 4 to 6 weeks and to have confidence in his ultimate recovery,this agent in doses of from 20 to 30 drops 3 or 4 times daily, combined with adirect nerve tonic, such as Avena sativa in doses of 15 drops or the oneone-hundredth of a grain of phosphorus, will establish a cure. It will relieveany undue irritation, due to excess and exhaustion, that may be present in anypart of the genito-urinary apparatus. An exceedingly important use for thisremedy that I have not been able to find in the books, is its use forsterility. In simple cases where there is no organic lesion on the part of thepatient, this agent has an excellent reputation for restoring the ovarianaction properly and assisting in putting the patient into an excellentcondition. One conscientious reliable lady physician assures me that in fivedefinite cases, pregnancy has followed the use of this remedy where sterilitywas pronounced previously, and thought to be incurable. In its influence uponthe nasal and bronchial mucous membranes this agent has been given withexcellent advantage in the treatment of acute catarrh, chronic bronchial coughsof all characters, including whooping cough, laryngitis and the cough ofphthisis. It is credited also with cures in the treatment of aphonia."

Combinations: For debility associated with the reproductive system itwill combine well with Damiana and Kola. For the treatment of enlarged prostateglands it may be used with Horsetail and Nettle
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