Orris Root Powder 100g ~ Iris Florentina


Orris Root Powder 100g ~ Iris Florentina

Orris (Iris florentina) is conventionally grown in Morocco.


Iris florentina


Please be aware that herbs, although natural can interact with certain medications, and that they may be ill-advised to use under certain health conditions.  Please consult a qualified health practitioner for cautions pertinent to you.

No therapeutic claim is made or intended for this product.  Information is for educational purposes only. 


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Medicinal herbs serve many different purposes. The Orris Root, or Iris x germanica, has been commonly used for perfumes, potpourris, and sachets because of its unique violet-like fragrance. Orris Root powder has also been thought to be beneficial for dental health, bronchitis, diarrhea and dropsy. This natural herb is also thought to have valuable diuretic, emetic and cathartic properties.


Dried Orris Root is a staple of potpourri mixes due to its colour and violet scent. Orris Root herbs are often used as flavouring in candies or as a base for certain items like toothpaste and perfume.
Tea made from Orris Root is sometimes used in cases of bronchitis, colds, coughs, diarrhea, and dropsy.
Used as medicinal herbs, they are thought to strengthen gums and freshen breath while also possibly having diuretic, emetic and cathartic benefits.
Because the Orris Root has a scent similar to violets, these dried herbs were very popular during the 19th and 20 century. Orris Root is now commonly
used to scent and preserve in pomander balls, spice wreaths, or sachets.


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