Orchard Growing Guide

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Everybody loves orchids. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive orchid books. This guide will provide an broad overview of the subject. In full colour, protection coated both sides. With an estimated 25,000 different types existing naturally, the orchid family is not only the largest but also one of the most diverse in the world. Since ancient times orchids have been associated with love, luxury and beauty. They have been considered aphrodisiac and medicinal. Beginning in the 1700s epiphytic orchids from the West Indies and China were brought to Great Britain and successfully grown at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

As growing techniques improved, orchid collecting and growing became an obsession and collectors and their agents, the orchid hunters, virtually stripped the tropical rain forests of orchids to be shipped back. Many plants perished because of poor handling and unsuitable conditions. Prized specimens sold for enormous sums of money. In the late 19th century hybrid crossing techniques became successful and today there are an estimated 110,000 recorded hybrids. Although orchids are commonly thought of as tropical flowers, they grow naturally in almost all climates. The most famous orchid in the world is the vanilla orchid (planifolia). Orchids are the most popular house flower and are treasured as very special plants. This Guide provides the necessary knowledge to become a successful orchid grower and enjoy the great pleasures these plants bring into your life and into your home.

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