Liquid Methylene Blue - 30ml (1.3%)

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Product Information

Blue Tung Liquid Methylene Blue - 30ml (1.3%)

Made in Australia. 

Ultra pure USP grade + Lab Analysis Certified (third party tested)

Ingredients: Methylene blue, distilled water, grain-free organic ethanol alcohol (*for shelf stability)

30ml - 1oz
approximately 800mcg per drop
1.3% solution 

Find our more on our FAQs page.

* Please be mindful of staining. MB is a potent pigment. Handle with care. 

* Please note that MB is an MAOI and is not suitable for use in conjunction with SSRI medications or other MAOIs. If you are currently on any medication, please conduct further research to make sure it’s right for you. We are not health care professionals and do not offer medical or health advice. 

* Not suitable for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Product photos by Annabelle Tukta of Embodied Earth Studio.


FAQ from Supplier:

Is your Methylene Blue COA certified?

Yes it is! Our MB is sourced from a reliable chemical lab in the USA who procures yearly third party tested COA analysis of their powder. Purity has always been our number one priority and it's why we created Blue Tung in the first place! We wanted to provide access to a clean, potent source, as unfortunately not all MB is made equal and there are a lot of dodgy ones out there. You can see the latest available COA from the supplier by clicking this link.

How many micrograms are in your drops?

It's not an exact science as the drop sizes can vary slightly depending on pressure, but due to our formula being 1.3% rather than the standard 1% - our drops come out at approximately 800mcg each.

How do you take it?

There are a few ways. Ours is a liquid solution, so you can simply place a few drops (carefully - it stains!) into water or juice and swallow it, or if you're feeling brave and have a few hours at home and you won't mind having a blue tongue, directly into your mouth. The taste is quite bitter, so some people enjoy mixing a bit of cordial or citrus to neutralise it. 

You can also add some drops into a nebuliser and breathe the vapour for a more cognitive effect.

What is the correct dosage?

The ultimate question! There is a lot of information out there on dosage for MB which can often be contradictory, but through our experience with customers it varies so greatly per individual. That's why the general recommendation we like to offer is start small and slow, then work your way up. Some folks are very sensitive to one drop, while other's don't feel much after forty drops! It all depends on how your body metabolises them and whats happening in your system.

Take it slow and allow time to figure out what works best for you.

Will it stain my teeth?

If you have natural teeth, no. They may appear blue for a little while after taking it, however it will fade. In fact, we have noticed MB having a slight whitening effect due to the cancellation of yellow pigment (like purple shampoo). 

However, if you have dentures or veneers, there is definitely potential for long term and permanent staining and you should tread very carefully and maybe reconsider.

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