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Accessing spiritual knowledge and wisdom from ancient Lemuria.  A return to paradise, they enhance the feelings of pure love, peace and enlightenment.  Powerful meditation & healing tools.

The quality of the Quartz is superb, the formations are amazing and the vibrations are "out of this world". Even those who are not so sensitive to crystal energy have said that they can feel the energy transmitted from these points. Anyone who enjoys meditation or works with Quartz points in their healing sessions will enjoy owning one of these.   

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More info: There is a lot of speculation on where Lemurians come from. After sorting thousands of pounds of Quartz points from all over the world, we have noticed that one can find the Lemurian Quartz formation and vibration in batches of quartz from all over the world including Brazil, Arkansas, China and India. That being said, there is one particular mine in Brazil that has produced the bulk of the Lemurian Quartz points for sale on the market right now. This mine is located between Corrinto and Diamatina in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. We feel that there will always be a steady supply of high vibration Quartz points available, however we have been told that this mine is no longer producing so when this batch is gone we do not know when we will be able to get more.  

Metaphysical Legend states that there was once an advanced ancient civilization called Lemuria, similar to Atlantis but more spiritually developed and peaceful. As the end of their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing - messages that would be revealed when the energy on Earth was ready to receive them. The Lemurians then planted (or "seeded")  the Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later by us.

The legend continues to state that Lemurain Seed Crystals are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth and beyond, to other stars and dimensions. When you connect to a Lemurian Crystal and the energy it contains, you are also connecting to this grid of associated energies from the Earth, the stars, and beyond.

Lemurian Crystals have a distinct appearance. Look carefully at a Lemurian Crystal and you will see horizontal striations or grooves, like "bar codes," on one or more sides. Commonly, the sides of a Lemurian Crystal will have alternating striated and smooth faces. The faces at the tip of a Lemurian Crystal are small, and often a Lemurian will gently taper in size from base to tip. 

As opposed to quartz that you program, Lemurian Quartz is Quartz that you activate. As you meditate, rub your finger along the "bar codes" on the side of a Lemurian Quartz Crystal to activate and download Lemurian knowledge and connect to the Lemurian energy grid. Lemurian Quartz Crystals teach oneness, reminding us that while we are all individuals, we are also connected to each other, and that we are all equal in Spirit. Lemurian Quartz Crystals help us maintain our connection to Spirit, aiding spiritual evolution, and have been used successfully in dream work.

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