Ishta 10 day Detox Herbal Tea powder 150g

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Ishta 10 day Detox Herbal Tea powder

Herbs have been used for centuries to detoxify the body. Detoxification can help the body to eliminate waste from the body. Benefits can be increased energy, better digestion & loss of fluid retention and bloating.   A diet free of processed & heavy food is most beneficial for a good detox.

This tea is a combination of herbs to assist your bodies natural cleansing process.  We recommend 2 cups a day maximum for 10 days maximum. 


Pau d'arco, St Mary's Thistle, Rosehips, Juniper berries, Raw Burdock, Raw Dandelion, Black Walnut.   

Vegan | Organic & Wildcraft ingredients | Hand blended


  • Place one heaped teaspoon of powder into a cup and pour freshly boiled water up to brim
  • Cover and allow to brew for 10 minutes plus
  • Strain and drink
  • Maximum 10 days
Pau D'arco, St Mary's Thistle, Rosehips, Juniperberries, Raw Burdock, Raw Dandelion, Black Walnut.
Avoid detoxifying herbs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
This herb blend should be drunk a maximum of 2 cups a day for a maximum of 10 days only.
Absolutely no fillers, synthetic flavours or other additives, just pure teas.
No therapeutic claim is made or intended for this product. 
Information is for educational purposes only. Use only as directed.

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