Green moonstone pebble (Garnierite)

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Product Information

AKA Garnierite

For increasing sensitivity to intuitive guidance.  Helps one to breathe and go with  the flow of life.  Instills calmness Stabilises  the emotions.

Moonstone is one of the ruling Stones to the Female path of Ascension and one of the most feminine of the earths minerals powerfully aligning with the goddess where ever it goes. Moonstone balances soothes and heals bringing emotions under the souls control. Protects during travel. The Female counterpart to Garnet as an aspect in Creation facilitating taking control of the Emotional Aspect.  From The Liquid Crystal Oracle.

Garnierite is used to attract prosperity, luck, and bring us closer to our desires. This green Heart Chakra stone, helps bring abundance. When we wish to manifest something material in life that is for our highest good, Garnierite can help us see what must be done to achieve it. When we have been working towards something for some time, Garnierite can keep us moving towards that goal.

 MOH: 4  (do not cleanse with water)

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