Diopside ~ Tumbled stone

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Connecting with mother Gaia, nature, plants and animals.  Promotes forgiveness and the letting go of problems.  Useful in initiating peaceful resolutions.  Opens and heals the heart.  Promotes forgiveness.  Relieves emotional pain and heartache.  Dissolves grief, betrayal & sorrow.

Diopside soothes the emotions, allowing you to feel more centred and at peace.  Diopside teaches you the value of trust and forgiveness, assisting you in reconciling with anyone or anything that has hurt you in the past by gently pushing you toward making the initial move.  If you feel overburdened or overwhelmed by the problems of life, it teaches you how to live life with appreciation and joy. This stone opens the heart and mind to others by promoting compassion for the suffering of others and yourself.

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