Bio Res Energy drops of Aconite 30ml

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 Bio Res Energy drops of Aconite

Ingredients: Bioresonance created energy frequency of Aconite.
Use: 3 drops under the tongue, 3 times a day as needed.  Contains approx 195 doses


What are Bio Res energy?

Everything in the Universe has a frequency, a code.  A disease, a medicine, a poison, a mineral in the earth, everything.  We are swimming in a sea of frequencies continuously.  A disease has a given frequency and the remedy that corrects it is of an opposing frequency.   We have our own base line frequency which can be knocked out of harmony via a specific event or natural entropy over time.  Bio Res remedies are created using bioresonance frequencies applied to pure water, with alcohol holding the frequency in solution and preserving it.  We can create a variety of frequencies from Crystal and Gemstones,  Homeopathic remedies, Flower essences, Herbs, Hormones, Meridians, Brain waves and much more.  Bio Res Remedies do not interact with other medicines and do not have unwanted side effects.  

Healing can be applied to the energy body via energy medicines, just as healing can be applied to the physical body via the ingestion of herbal remedies and such.... complete healing can be achieved by working on the energy and physical body simultaneously.

Learn more by reading: The Basic code of the Universe & looking into the work of Dr Emoto.

Order a remedy not listed on this website: Only a small selection of the available energy remedies we can made are shown on this website.  To order something else, send us a text via the mobile number at the top of the website and then purchase your custom remedy here.

Book a personal energy analysis: Plant Essentials offers a consultation where we analyse your energy body condition via a sample of hair and nail and offer a customised energy remedy plus customised lifestyle changes (mainly via food chooses that work for your body at the time of the scan)  Book here

Energy correction can also be applied via the old fashion methods of Pranic healing and Reiki.  This service is available worldwide.  Book a remote session with Toni here. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or TGA.  No claims of healing is made or implied, information is for educational purposes only.

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