Clear Quartz ~ Vogel Style Pranic wand 10cm approx

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Clear Quartz ~ Vogel Style

Approx 10cm long by 2cm thick

Clear Quartz proves to us that physicality can contain a state of total perfection and embody pure light. The energies of Clear Quartz amplify all that it connects with. It performs purification of the Physical Mental and Spiritual Bodies and is a great stone to direct the materialistic towards the spiritual. Clear Quartz as a minimum doubles the etheric fields of the body this is useful in mapping our creations and helps in healing to find causes for the illness. From The Liquid Crystal Oracle.

Light Embodied

Amplification and alignment of thoughts and feelings resolved though clarity and action. Self acceptance and ability to find peace in self. Aware of own creations and origins of illnesses. Balance.

Spiritual and Other Aspects – amplify’s all that it connects with. A great stone to direct the materialistic towards the spiritual.

MOH: 7



Caring for your Crystal

Crystal Safety

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