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(Nepeta cataria)

Perennial of Lamiaceae - mint - family. Fairly prostrate, but can reach to 1.5m, white to light purple flowers. Good bee plant, loved by cats, but not all of them! Some cats do not possess the gene that makes catnip attractive to them. Those that do, will go to great lengths to get amongst it. Sunny position. Sow spring, autumn. Will happily disseminate seed each year, and like all mints, can become a bit rowdy if not contained. Doesn't mind a hefty prune. Leaves and flowers used in herbalism as a mild sedative, anxiety reliever, and peaceful sleep-bringer. Catnip is helpful for dispelling gas, soothing upset or anxious tummies, easing diarrhoea, nervousness, and treating sore throats from coughs and colds. Make tea with the leaves, add a little raw honey if on the bitter side.

Seed count: 1700/g.

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