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Carrot, Nantes ~ Eden Seed Packet


Bright orange nearly core-less medium sized roots, heirloom from 1880's, named after the French city Nantes. The round cylindrical root up to 17cm with smooth skin and rounded root-tip still has its favoured qualities including sweetness, crispness and culinary characteristics. Young roots are extremely tender and sweet, used in salads or cooked. Uses include soups and carrot cake, also good for juicing. Store only with vegetables as carrots can become bitter stored with fruits. For best results in Australia sow Nantes seed in the cooler seasons. 70 days.



Daucus carota

Very nutritious vegetable originating from central Asia. Richest vegetable in vitamin A. Used by ancient Greek physicians as stomach tonic, known in Roman times and widely used as a vegetable by 13th century. Sunny spot. Good in all soils, likes well drained friable soil, fertilized for previous crop. Thin to 20-50mm and use thinnings as baby carrots. Sow seed direct, keeping seeds moist, can cover with hessian or similar till germination which is usually about 5-6 days, then uncover to let light in. Rotate crops to prevent disease build-up. Cleaned carrots store well in cool conditions. Sow spring, summer and autumn, best not sown in heavy frost. 

600-900 seeds per gram

Carrot planting information:

When To Plant In Australia
Tropics: Feb-Nov
Subtropic: Feb-Nov
Mild: Sep-May
Cold/Frost: Sep-Feb
Seed Sowing
Plant space cm: 2-5
Row space cm: 25-30
Depth cm: .5-1
Best soil temp: 10-30 °C
Other Info
Number of seeds per gram: 600-900
Rate per hectare: 3-4.5kg
Average days to maturity: 65-90



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