Broccoli, Italian Green Sprouting ~ Seed packet, Eden Seeds

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Broccoli, Italian Green Sprouting ~ Eden Seed Packet


Large solid medium green heads, after picking the head then side shoots, compact stocky plant, old favourite since 1920's, withstands late autumn cold, sow late summer, early autumn only. 60-95 days.



Brassica oleracea var. italica

Used by Romans and called "cabbage flower" and in England as "Italian Asparagus" from early 1700's. High vitamin C and protein. Likes soil rich and well watered. Sow anytime to ensure harvest during cooler months, doesn't do best in hot weather. Frost hardy. 

175-300 seeds per gram

Broccoli planting information:

When To Plant In Australia
Tropics: Feb-Jun
Subtropic: Feb-May
Mild: Sep-Apr
Cold/Frost: Oct-Mar
Seed Sowing
Plant space cm: 35-50
Row space cm: 50-60
Depth cm: 0.5-1
Best soil temp: 7-30 °C
Other Info
Number of seeds per gram: 175-330
Rate per hectare: 400g
Average days to maturity: 60-90



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