Atlantasite (Stichtite & serpentine) ~ Tumbled stone

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Atlantasite (Stichtite & serpentine)

Atlantasite helps you to get in contact with your spirit guides and angels. You literally get a direct line. Makes it very easy to thank them in the good times and ask for guidance through the tough times.

It works on ALL chakras so can be placed on any part of the body if you wish to work with it.

It is also a really powerful protection stone against negative emotional fields made by other people. Perfect for the workplace and to wear on your person. Whether on a string necklace or just in your pocket or bag.

If you are stressed out, or your nervous system is shot, this is a MUST for you as well. Atlantasite also helps with showing and giving compassion where you would otherwise struggle or not even register that it would be warranted. I honestly can't believe I have been missing out on this crystal for so long. I have a large piece next to my bed as it is super grounding but makes dream time really peaceful, and I am remembering happens in my dreams. So the messages I receive now actually have clarity.

Placing a few pieces in your garden would be very beneficial too. It’s a nature stone, which means that it will draw you out to look after your plant babies but also give them the strength to keep growing!

From What is Atlantasite

MOHS:  3 - 4.5 (do not submerge in water)

WARNING CONTAINS: Fibrous form contains asbestos 


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