Aquamarine with Muscovite

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Aquamarine - Courage to trust expression. Allows simplicity before mental interference complicates. Decisive clarity of Action. Simple and highly ordered flowing communication style with good word choice.  Enhances the connection with the higher self. Stimulates Activates and Cleanses the throat Chakra. Allows the opening to past-life Experiences. 

From The Liquid Crystal Oracle.

Muscovite - Muscovite is a stone of highly positive energies. It affects the mind centers and mental processes more than the emotions or physical body. Muscovite stimulates the rational mind, promoting clear and quick thinking, effective problem-solving and the synthesis of new ideas from old information.

From The Book of Stones


MOH: Aquamarine 7.5 – 8 Muscovite 2.5 - 3 (Do not submerge in water)



Weight 176g Aquamarine with Muscovite

ORIGIN: Pakistan, Dusso

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