Cataclasite Impact Quartz ~ Tumble

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Cataclasite Quartz is an impact quartz that has healed itself from Meteoric impact. 

Cataclasite Quartz: or Impact Quartz – also spelled Cataclosite (Kristi – Metaphysical Realm) is a veined Quartz formed by meteoric impact. As the quartz bedrock is shattered by this meteoric vibration, other earth materials fill in the cracks. The black/brown/tan earth materials appear as veins in the brecciated creamy quartz.  The "veins" within the quartz invite us to take ‘the road less travelled.  Cataclasite or Impact Quartz will help you to step out of your comfort zone and give a sense of comfort and reassurance in the doing.  It is not about what others want you to do or think you should do, it is about going to your core and finding the vibration of YOU.  Working with Cataclasite will help you to find ways to remove the old programming and with work, release it over time.  And, just as the children, it will help to self-empower and stand tall in beliefs and convictions.  Cataclasite is a joker. It says, "it is never too late to make an impact!"

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