Amazonite Chips 100g

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Used to speak truth in a loving, effective manner, this unique stone bridges the gap between our hearts and our voices, heightening our communication abilities as well as fostering our compassion.

Assists one in the communicating one's true thoughts & feelings.  Soothes the nerves, erasing worries & fears.  Awakens compassion.

The Middle Road

Walks the middle road holding creative power. Freedom of expression into manifestation, pacified, understands the place of power in love. Self love for achievements allows movement for life.

Spiritual and other aspects -  Rejuvinating to Throat, Heart and sola plexus Chakra. Brings union to both the physical and spiritual aspects of self transcending duality. Amazonite is very soothing on the nervous system and brain. If you are an anxious person who tends to overthink, that nature of this stone that is to realign means it will help balance these things. You will be much better able to focus and get a more beneficial outcome.  from The Liquid crystal oracle.

MOHS: 6 – 6.5



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