Aloe Dent Toothpaste 100ml, whitening

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Product Information

Aloe Dent Toothpaste 100ml ~ whitening

Aloe Dent toothpaste is so natural you'd expect it to grow on trees!  Unfortunately it doesn't grow on trees yet, but it is made with some of nature's finest ingredients.

This toothpaste does not compromise on the health of your teeth and gums so rest assured that brushing regularly with Aloe Dent will help whiten and keep your teeth clean, prevent cavities and plaque and tartar build up.

The complete range is fluoride-free and packed full of natural ingredients – from soothing Aloe Vera, antibacterial Tea Tree oil which help fight bacteria, Silica for natural whitening, and Co Q10 to help keep gums healthy.  


Soothing Aloe Vera; Silica a natural mineral used to help keep teeth clean, helping to prevent cavities and for natural whitening; P.V.P (Polyvinylpirolidine) which is a food-grade non-abrasive polymer with anti-staining action; Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic qualities; and Peppermint oil and Menthol for that fresh minty taste.

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