Brochures to Download on Homeopathy

Brochures to Download on Homeopathy


Work @ Wellness 

For many Australians their workplace is an environment where they are breathing recycled air and in some cases harmful chemicals. They may also be confined by an unnaturally sedentary lifestyle, work under pressure and stress, often travel regularly for work and in many cases spend lengthy amounts of time away from the family

Urinary System  

The kidney, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra make up the Urinary System of the body. Its function is to eliminate soluble waste materials from metabolism of food and water consumed and when this becomes compromised we experience symptoms such as acidity (gout etc), kidney discomfort and bladder ailments.

Toddlers, Teething & Tantrums 

Growing up is a challenging business, not only are little people dealing with the internal changes associated with rapid growth and calcium metabolism they are also trying to gain independence, master skills and learn to become sociable emotionally and intellectually.


During the adolescent years the teenager is developing a strong drive to separate from the parents and family in preparation for independent living. As we know this can create enormous conflicts incorporating excitement, fear and sometimes aggression. As parents it can be quite a challenge to set aside our own reactivity and provide a safe and loving environment for this development. Homoeopathy can help families and support teenagers with the challenges faced as they transition from childhood into adulthood.

Study Stress 

If you are living with students or are one yourself you’ll find homoeopathy a great support to help get through study and exam times without too much stress. Don’t forget to help the rest of the family with remedies if they are being affected by the general mood.

Stress & Worry 

Emotional stress such as that caused by worry, grief or shock, major life-changes such as moving home or school and workplace stress can leave us drained and prone to illness. Homoeopathy can provide excellent support and when illness has become chronic, can help rebalance the mind and emotions.

Sports Injuries 

Homoeopathy can be thought of in the sports arena for practically everything from heat exhaustion, dehydration, exposure to chill wind and weather to head injuries and bruises from falls and collisions, sprained ankles, bruised shins, pre game nerves, damaged teeth and swollen lips, broken bones and on and on.

Sore Throats

For many people a sore throat is the first sign they have of a lowered immune system and the onset of a cold or flu. The tonsils are the first line of internal defense acting as the lymphatic waste disposal system and removing bacteria from the blood. They also stimulate the immune system to produce infectionfighting antibodies.

Disturbed Sleep 

It’s hard to imagine anything more blissful than 8 hours of a deep undisturbed sleep. Apart from rest and restoration many functions that are important to good health are carried out while we sleep. For varying reasons most of us don’t get enough restful sleep; this results in chronic stress and tiredness that compromise us both physically and mentally.

Skin Disorders 

The skin is the body’s largest organ and we often find that skin conditions are the expression of an imbalance within the body. This means that the treatment of what may seem to be superficial and isolated symptoms actually requires a more thorough consultation and course of treatment than the home prescriber is able to ascertain by looking at the skin symptoms alone.


Often developing from a cold or flu, acute sinusitis is the build up of mucous within the sinus linings. When the mucous fails to clear, the resulting congestion and warm, moist environment becomes the perfect site for bacteria to grow. Acting promptly with the indicated homoeopathic remedies can help to prevent this from occurring.

Surviving the Silly Season

It wouldn’t be the ‘silly season’ if we weren’t indulging in some form of over doing it. Whether it’s too much work, play or emotional mayhem homoeopathic remedies are great to restore balance and a sense of well being during the festivities.

Back to School

Once the school holidays are over it’s time to turn our attention to the business of “Back to School”. For many children this can be a difficult and stressful time, adapting to hot classrooms, and rigid structure after holiday freedom. It can be especially challenging when children are starting school for the first time, changing to high school or moving to a new area.


Menopause is a gateway into a new phase of life as a woman’s body ends its child-bearing years and adjusts to lower hormone levels. Oestrogen production, primarily the job of the ovaries during reproductive years, is largely taken over by the adrenal glands.

Men's Health

The health and lifestyle problems experienced by men are often overlooked. They are much more likely to suffer in silence, rather than visit their health practitioner. This fact sheet has been written to help address some of the many issues facing men. Along with the following remedy suggestions a healthy diet and lifestyle with regular exercise are vital in maintaining a healthy body and mind

Holidays & Road Trips

Australia’s beautiful summer weather is ideal for holidays and camping trips. Essential to my holiday packing is a well-stocked travel kit to ensure a trouble free experience. Don’t forget to check the website and see if there’s a stockist near your holiday spot.


A remarkable 70% of people suffer from headaches. Tension headaches account for about 90% of these with a typical constrictive sensation, soreness and painful knots in tense neck and scalp muscles. Migraine and cluster headaches occur in about 10% of the population, affecting women three times more than men.

Hayfever & Spring Allergies

Hayfever is best treated with a carefully selected constitutional remedy for a sustained result; however relief may be obtained with the use of acute homoeopathic remedies as well as tissue salts, vitamins and minerals and herbal combinations which all have a part to play in strengthening the system.


Homoeopathy has a long history of helping people manage the mental, emotional and physical effects of grief and can help us move through the difficult stages a little more easily. It can help calm the initial shock of bereavement, and provide support in the weeks and months afterwards. 


A fever is usually an indication of increased activity on the part of the immune system, most likely in response to infection and is a good sign showing that there is an ability to react. The action of the homoeopathic remedy is not to kill the bacteria directly but rather to stimulate the immune system to do the healing.

Eye Complaints

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eyelid and eye and can be caused by a cold, infection, allergy, irritation from pollutants, a foreign body, windburn or exposure to too much sun. Homoeopathic remedies can help to reduce inflammation and ease discomfort in conjunctivitis.

Emotional Ups & Downs

When considering how we handle the emotional ups and downs of life it helps if we realise the value of affording the same respect and care to our emotional selves as we do to looking after our physical body. Homoeopathy has a long history of helping people manage emotional conditions such as anxiety, despair, loss of confidence, grief, indifference, melancholy, sadness and isolation, anger and irritability.

Ear Complaints

An earache can result from various causes including a build up of fluid, wax, or mucous, trauma, dental issues, sinusitis or the common cold.


Nothing makes life more miserable than a persistent, irritating cough. It can ruin your sleep, your concentration and a night at the movies! This fact sheet is full of remedy information to help keep you and your family cough free this winter.

Coughs Croup

Nothing makes life more miserable than a persistent, irritating cough. It can ruin your sleep, your concentration and a night at the movies! This fact sheet is full of remedy information to help keep you and your family cough free this winter.


Constipation can affect persons of any age from the very young to the elderly and for many different reasons. Triggers can include changes in a person’s routine, or environment, travelling to different time zones, pregnancy, dietary changes, poor dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, stress or medications.

Colic & Reflex

As we know colic and reflux can cause babies and parents relentless distress and exhaustion. Reflux is the spontaneous passage of acid stomach contents upwards into the oesophagus. There may or may not be associated vomiting. Colic symptoms usually affect the stomach and intestines and may be due to an immature digestive system.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are the result of a viral infection otherwise known as Herpes Simplex. Symptoms consist of itching, burning blisters, usually on the lips but may also be inside the mouth or nostrils or on the chin or cheeks. After the blisters break there may be a crusty area of broken skin that can lead to secondary infection.

Colds, Flus & Winter Ills

This fact sheet covers both the deterrence of and the treatment of simple respiratory ailments. As we know the best defense is prevention and people who are prone to frequent bouts of cold and flu may benefit from a dose of Anas barbariae 200c, fortnightly or monthly during the winter months


This viral infection is spread by droplet contamination and its very infectious incubation stage lasts 10 -14 days before the spots appear. The intensity of the illness is very individual; some people have a very mild response with a few flat spots, while others have almost the whole body covered. The first rash like symptoms are itchy fluid filled vesicles clustered, firstly on the trunk and then spreading to the limbs, face and scalp. After the vesicles the clusters of spots form crusty scabs and then start to dry up.

Bites & Stings

The degree of the reaction to a bite, sting or puncture wound is not only determined by the nature of the offending creature or puncture implement but also by the sensitivity of the subject.

Breast Feeding

While breastfeeding is an incredibly rewarding and nurturing experience when everything is going ‘right’, it can also be a time of disappointment, frustration and despair if we experience difficulties establishing feeding patterns. Problems can be the result of incomplete recovery from a traumatic delivery, emotional issues or even physical problems such as cracked nipples, colic, exhaustion, loss of fluids etc. Homoeopathy can offer support, nurture & healing at this time.

Arthritic & Rheumatic Pain

Wouldn’t we all love to still be able to do star jumps off the wall like this! However, sadly for most of us, as we age our joints begin to lose flexibility and become stiff and at times painful. Sports injuries, accidents, dietary indiscretions and sedentary lifestyle all take their toll on joint health.

Accidents & Injuries

Homoeopathy has an excellent reputation when treating accidents & injuries that occur in everyday life. In acute traumatic situations the remedies may need to be repeated often until symptoms have resolved or while waiting for medical attention.