National bottle and jar shortage.
National bottle and jar shortage.
Just a reminder that you can refill many of your products at Plant Essentials including:
Herbs & Teas
Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Blends
Some other products from time to time such as deodorant sprays, hand sanitiser, face creams and serums. Be sure to bring your clean empty bottles with you when shopping as we may be able to refill them for you for a discount. There is a shortage of glass bottles occurring in Australia, so the more you refill the longer our bottles stores will hold 

Unfortunately, there are no Australian glass bottle manufacturers in Australia. We'd love to see the government start a basic bottle manufacturing plant in Australia using recycled bottles that could be onsold to be refined and grown. #BringbackAustralianIndustry #Environmentalsolutions #recycledglass #refillme

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