Why can't you give me a straight answer?
Why can't you give me a straight answer?
Well, paraphrasing, but that is basically what is in people heads when we are contacted to ask a question about a herb or such.
Well, this is the answer...
We've been targeted twice by the TGA.
We ARE on their radar
We frequently get dodgy calls we KNOW is the TGA trying to make us slip up, and
We've noticed ALOT of messages that really do appear to be the TGA trying to make us slip up.
What does the TGA want? Domination of health.
Who are the TGA? Interesting question. TGA stands for the Therapeutic Goods Administration... what they are, is an "arm" of the government that clamps down on anyone giving health advise or selling health products that doesn't pay the ferryman. They aren't actually part fo the government, but they try to look like they are (like councils do, smoke and mirrors) They are predominantly funded by sponsors AKA the pharmaceutical industry. I'm not making this up. So the people that get all the easy approvals, are the people paying the bills. It kind of operates like gangsters walking the street collecting protection money.... you don't pay for protection (licensing), you're business burns down.
I'm not some random conspiracy theorist (I AM a conspiracy researcher, if it doesn't add up, I want to know why???)
I HAVE witnessed with my own eyes the crushing of anyone giving healing options to those in need. Over and over again. I don't understand why one human can't go to another and have a private conversation about their health problems and receive help without TGA approval. You certainly won't be busy helping anyone as a natural therapist unless your WOM is impeccable and people have valued your assistance in the past.
This week, everyone wants to know why I substituted greater celandine for bloodroot in our Four herb products... some have been quite pushy and I suspect are from the TGA. I'm not going to disclose my recipe creation methods, except to say, my methods of selection are unlike most others. I use a combination of 20 hyears of experience in health, intuition, bioresonance testing ( a dirty word in the TGA), personal testing and other methods to come up with my recipes and remedies.
I'm NOT allowed to make a claim on anything, and I don't... but some seem to want to drag a claim out of me. It doesn't take much to be caught out making a claim by accident, it's very very easy to make someone slip up and unintentionally make a claim. When I feel, like someone is using solicitor techniques on my, ie... asking the same question several ways until an answer is gleaned, I get suspicious. If someone specifically asks to me to provide evidence (that I know to be required of the TGA to issues an infringement)
We can't afford to be stopped, we can't help anyone if we are closed down, or dragged into court.
I don't meant to offend anyone, but if I am asked the same question repeatedly with no good reason, the conversation will be over. If you give me a spiel about a relative with cancer or with a detailed diagnosis data, I will shut the conversation down. If you insist I say what a specific herb will do, or insist I give you a link to a website detailing it, you guessed it, the conversation is over. The simple act of making a product wth an ingredient in question, then giving a link to the relevant ingredients giving a claim is, you guessed it, technically making a claim and an offence. Even a verified review placed on our website by a happy customer making a claim about a product, can land us in hot tea. The last TGA I was forced to delete or edit most customer reviews on my website... these were legitamate reviews of people that were feeling better.
I've broached this in newsletters, and I still get so many that keep pushing the envolope. I am here to help, but I won't be dragged into court for helping.
Choose your words carefully should you need our help.
I love to help.
I don't mean to rant 😉


May 29, 2024

hi du u send 2 nz plse?

May 08, 2023

Conspiracy researcher indeed is what you have to be without question these days! I do understand the corruption going on in multiple facets of life since diving head first into trying to comprehend things. I stand by you and what you do 100% and appreciate you so much for it! We all need people and services like this one. Keep critical thinking and following your heart. x

Apr 21, 2023
Janice Banner

That is dreadful. Wishing you the best.

Feb 10, 2023

All the power to you! May you continue doing what you’re doing because the universe knows you are doing great work! It’s much appreciated 🙏🏼💖

Feb 05, 2023
Trevor Payne

All I can say is you are my saviour.
14 years later and I am still alive.
Bless you Toni .
May you live a long and happy life

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