What is The Spiritual Meaning of Amethyst?
What is The Spiritual Meaning of Amethyst?

What is The Spiritual Meaning of Amethyst?

In short this is a “de-fogger” of the mind/third eye/crown chakra…If you are indecisive, unfocused, unmotivated, unclear of direction on life’s purpose etc amethyst will help.  

To best utilise its properties, you do need to meditate with it. It’s not one that will work just by wearing or carrying it around…below I write a visual for you to help guide you in meditation and therefore help remove the fog from your brain.

Visualise you are in a big city at dawn. There are large skyscrapers, bridges and rivers its dead quiet, and it seems almost peaceful. You take a deep breath and you almost choke. You can smell and taste the pollution. You walk towards the river and you can see the smog over the water. If it wasn’t so grey it would almost be pretty.

You reach into your pocket and feel a rock. You bring it out and it's beautiful! It's much bigger then you thought possible to fit in your pocket and it seems to grow. It’s a beautiful purple colour and you hold it up in front of your face. You look deeper into the crystal and you see a red flare. Its small but you see it. The longer and deeper you look at it, the lighter and cleaner you feel. You stop once you realise you feel clean. How strange!!

You look up and are shocked at what you see. The city is white, its clean, its fresh. There are birds chirping, the water is crystal clear and you take a slow deep breath…..there is NO SMOG!!! The city is clear, calm, clean and peaceful.

You don’t need to use the above “storyline” but you do need to visualise the colour of amethyst, the red inside of the amethyst and using the colour to “wash away” the fog. If you have a piece in your personal collection, have a look at it now and try to find the red flare. In any decent piece, you should be able to find it.


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