What Flower Essences Should I Take?

What Flower Essences Should I Take?

Choosing the correct flower essence for your highest good is a simple procedure.

There are many methods you can utilize, it depends on what you feel is the right way for you.

You can

  • Consult the cards via shuffling
  • Intellectually select from the remedy sheet
  • Intuitively select from the card images

Consult the Cards

  • Shuffle a set of appropriate cards (we offer both the bach and bush flower cards in-store to select from), thinking only of the situation you are treating.
  • Once you feel you have shuffled adequately, place the cards down on the table and with your non-dominant hand (if you are a right-hander, this is your left hand) separate the deck into three groups (this is called cutting the cards). 
  • Then with the same hand place the 3 piles of cards back into one pile.  Now select up to 5 cards.  You may make a remedy from any or all of these cards, we offer a single dose bottle with up to 5 flowers in it. 

Intellectually Select from the Remedy Sheet

  • Flower essences usually have a sheet of information with basic positive and negative attributes for each flower listed. 
  • Take a pencil and while reading through the sheet of information, select all the remedies you feel could be related to the issue you are treating. 
  • Then go back and pare the list back to no more than 5 flowers.  As with consulting the cards, you can choose as little as one, or as many as all five to make your remedy.

Intuitively Select from the Card Images

  • Flick through the card deck fast or slow (depending on what you feel is best) and choose the images of the flowers that appeal or stand out to you.
  • Again as with the other 2 options, pare the selection down to no more than 5 and decide what you will take from these. 
  • The Australian Bush Flower Cards are excellent for this and have beautiful images, the Bach flower cards are very basic and do not work well via this method in my opinion.

No matter which way you choose your combination of flower essences, always keep to just one objective.  The flower you select should all be working towards one issue only.  If you try to select flowers to help you sleep better, and also be more focused, you will scramble the message and the remedy will not be anywhere near as effective as it could be.

Plant Essentials custom blends both Bach and Bush Flower Remedies at our Townsville store. You can also order online if you would like your custom order delivered.

We can help you to select your most perfect remedy for what's going on in your life right now.

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Doris Carter

Doris Carter said:

I am treating breast cancer. It is a fungating tumor. I read you cannot put black salve on.
What flower essence would be beneficial?

Veronica Scarrow

Veronica Scarrow said:

Herbal Remedy

Herbal Tea

Calendula 150gm
Horsetail 50g
stinging nettle 50gm
Yarrow 50Gm Mix herbs drink as hot infusion 6-8 cups daily

With each cup take 5ml Swedish Bitters diluted in half cup of water.

all grace to Margaret Crisp’s Cancer Cure

Best wishes veronica


June said:

Doris Carter needs to know that black salve can be put on breast cancer if she contacts me I will help with other stuff

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