Natural Remedies to get rid of warts?

Natural Remedies to get rid of warts?

This fortnight I've noticed we've had an influx of customers looking for wart remedies.  Easy peasy.  So this is my take on the easiest options you can implement, there are others, but these are the ones we recommend and use:

That's my trio of remedies.  So how do we use them?


The obvious method is to add it into your diet... fresh & raw is definitely best, (Australian and organic if you can, definitely not Chinese grown as there are some disturbing practices in growing garlic in China)

If you are going to cook with garlic, that's good too, but fresh and raw is best for medicinal use IMO.  Garlic is one of the top herbs chosen as a natural antibiotic - it' is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (just like another of my favourite herbs... more on that in a sec). 

So the other way to use garlic is to cut a small piece of freshly peeled garlic and tape it to the wart... taking care not to let this fresh garlic touch the good skin around it, it's going to burn like crazy if you put in on the normal skin area (yes personal experience).  Tape a fresh piece daily and leave it there until the wart drops off... might take a week, might take two.

Pau D'Arco:

My most favourite herb in the whole wide world!  Yep, ask me any day of the week and I'll say the same thing. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and immune boosting - yep this is the one I was referring to a minute ago (depending on how quickly you just read this ;-).  

So many uses, but I'll remain focused for now.  Make this herb as a decoction and drink 2 cups a day - if you don't have time to do the decoction can decoct 3 days worth at a time and refrigerate, or if you REALLY don't have time, you can infuse (make a cup of tea essentially) but it would be wise to cover the brew with a saucer or something for 15 minutes to let the goodness get into the water.  2-3 cups a day.  Yes you can add honey, or lemon or stevia, but it actually taste nice without.  You're choice.

For many warts on the body, make a decoction - a saucepan full and dump it in the bath tub and soak daily... watch those little buggers drop off...we had a granny bring a small child to the store a few years ago covered from head to toe (poor little tyke).  Pau D'Arco was taken internally and externally... 1 week and it had virtually all cleared up.  Pretty cool huh?!

Last but not least...

Red Thyme:

Red Thyme essential oil... another weapon in the arsenal with many many uses.  In regard to warts... this is what you do:  Apply a neat drop of red thyme 100% essential oil to the wart, again taking care not to get it everywhere, it's another burner.  Now I don't normally tell you to use essential oils 100% undiluted... but in this case, you are putting it on the wart only, and you really don't even want that to be part of your there is my logic - applying it with a cotton tip would be the safest option.  

If you have many small warts, dilute the Red Thyme to say 3% (that's 6 drops to 10ml) of cold pressed oil like almond or coconut oil, olive, apricot, whatever you've got there at home. and apply all over the area frequently.  Once all the small ones are gone, you can go hard with the 100% straight on the stragglers.  Don't be drinking your Red Thyme, we never condone that silly one in their right mind takes essential oils internally unless they have the right assistance ( a doctor that is a clinical aromatherapists with a French accent).

All jokes aside, what are your thoughts?

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Tina said:

Hi just wondering if you have anything to get rid of moles on the face . Had them checked there is nothing wrong with them i just dont like them. Thanks Tina


Toni said:

Hi Tina, No I’m sorry there is nothing I’m allowed to suggest unfortunately.


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