What Are The 7 Chakra Crystals?
There is not 1 specific crystal for each of our chakras, however, in order to work on ourselves using crystal healing, we need to prioritise what we want to work on, allowing us to choose the most beneficial crystal.
It’s a common question though, so I will provide 2 crystal options for each chakra. The first crystal listed is the 'common' option and the second crystal is the 'uncommon' option.

Remember, when working with your chakras, everyone is soooo completely different. So what works for some won't work for others. This is just to guide you on what to look for and what colors etc.

#1 Crown Chakra

Violet/Gold/White/Clear crystals

Clear Quartz  - Helpful for a direct beam. Its one of the most versatile crystals there is, in my opinion.

Pink Calcite – Still an amplifier like the clear quartz but has a stronger healing property. Its gentle but doesn’t muck around either. 

clear quartz

#2 Third Eye Chakra

Purple/Blue crystals

Sodalite - Great for psychic development, easing one into there inner eyes. Keeps the mind focused and on track.

Blue Apatite - Amazing for helping us enter our subconscious. Enables us to focus on creative problem-solving. Aids in past life or early life trauma and helps us to heal our fears without becoming stuck by our emotional reaction.

blue apatite

#3 Throat Chakra

Blue crystals

Lapis Lazuli – Helps one to speak there truth. Balances our thoughts and gives us the courage to speak up with confidence.

Aquamarine – A very powerful communication stone (especially for those on the spectrum) its amazing for those quick to anger. Helps us to speak with calm, clarity and compassion all the while actively healing our fears.


lapis lazuli aquamarine tumbled stone

#4 Heart Chakra

Pink/Green/yellow crystals

Rose Quartz – Brings love into our heart, mind, and body. Aids in healing from past trauma. Especially in childhood. Brings a sense of safety when making the choice to work on our fears. Very easy to meditate with.

Prehnite – (good for the throat chakra as well) This guy is awesome. Takes a different approach. Rather than actively honing in on a specific fear, Prehnite kind of lets us sit back, chill out and observe.

We can then very gently, and in our own time, see what the root cause of our blockages are. I find I get way too overwhelmed by rose quartz and work heaps better with prehnite as I feel like I have more control over where I am being led. Think of this guy as the explorer of the rock world that fixes us along the way.

rose quartz prehnite


#5 Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow crytals

Citrine – A self cleanser. A powerful manifestor. So these properties together purify our manifestation channel. Basically makes it much easier to set our intention and ask the divine for help and guidance. A very easy crystal to work with.

Tigers Eye – (ok not uncommon but it's good...lol) For those that are prone to extreme behaviours, whether physically or spiritually,  Tigers Eye brings balance between the two.

So if you struggle with your emotions and find it hard to “come back” tigers eye would be useful for you. Think of it like this…..your standing on a really tall bridge, you look around and you are feeling a build up inside. You have a bundjee cord around your ankles and you jump. You are falling and falling. The wind is cold and ripping its way through your hair. Its seems to go on forever and you feel completely out of control. The ground is getting closure and you start to worry you will hit the ground. Then at this moment, the rope pulls you back, you feel relief, pleasure and light. Almost euphoric…..the fall is your emotions and the rope is the tigers eye. You can use this visualisation when you are feeling overwhelmed.

citrine tigers eye


#6 Sacrum / Sacral Chakra

Orange crystals

Carnelian – With an unbalanced sacral chakra you will find it hard to be rational or interact with people on a day to day basis. It completely throws us off and you will find yourself saying and doing things you didn’t mean. Carnelian is super helpful for the sacral chakra as its like the “happy” stone. Its basic property is to make us feel good. In turn, making us feel more comfortable working with and being around others. It gives us energy and is also a pretty cool protection stone.

Argonite – (such a unique looking crystal) in its raw form its amazing to work with. It's an emotional stabilizer and the energy it gives you is crazy. The first time I had a play with this crystal and was rolling it around in my hands in a circular motion and the energy felt like a bunch of excited puppies wanting to play...lol...which in itself screams amazing crystal for the sacral chakra. A balanced sacral chakra lets us tap into our child selves. That happy, carefree feeling we all deserve to have sometimes because adulting can be way too hard at times.


carnelian sphere

#7 Root / Base Chakra

Red/Black Crystals

Black Tourmaline – Turns negative feelings into positive ones. Powerful grounding stone and purifier.

Smokey Quartz – Protects the aura from negative influences and psychic attacks. Powerful grounding stone and gives us the strength to overcome obstacles.

black tourmaline smokey quartz




clear quartz blue apatite lapis lazuli aquamarine tumbled stone rose quartz prehnite citrine tigers eye carnelian black tourmaline smokey quartz

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