Test Running the ALPS water filter system

Test Running the ALPS water filter system

We recently ordered an ALPS water filter to test out before we decided to stock it... here's the report ... spoiler alert, yep, we decided to stock it.  So the new water filter that I had ummed and ahhed for some time about arrived... woo hoo! New stuff :-)

It's packed in quite a neat way so this will be easy to ship was probably the first thought that popped into my mind, followed by...it can't be all in that box...

Well it was.  On first impressions I had flashbacks of lego...can I do this...sure I can...I'm a mechanic, how hard can it be (sidenote: we say this a lot at Plant Essentials, "how hard can it be!" most of the time it works out perfectly).  Right, there's the instructions I noted, as I slung them across the desk to give myself more space.  I've got this.  After some fiddling and fluffing, a moment of head scratching it was assembled (insert angelic LAAAAAAAA ;-) )  I really should have a glance at that instruction.  Note to self read the instructions...there's a little bit of prepping of filter mediums required before you start assembling.

So, fast forward to the next day and the water tastes amazing...to me it's the best I've tasted from a water filter.  Currently in Townsville we are on water restrictions with our dam extremely low and not much rain on the way.  Our tap water smells like heavily chlorinated swamp water - so a good water filter is seriously needed, even if you aren't avoiding forced fluoridation. 

I now have this water filter at home, next to the lonely gentoo jug (which is a great little filter) that simply hasn't been used since.  Previously I was a distiller, distilling every drop of water that we used for cooking and drinking.  After finding the gentoo jug which removes up to 98% of fluoride, the distiller was rehomed at the store for the making of some of our products.  

I'm now sold on the ALPS... definitely a better taste, and more fluoride removed than the gentoo.  It holds 8Lt in the bottom tank (ready to use) and a 4Lt in the top tank above the filtration area means less regular filling is required...It's really a breeze.  (note - you don't fill the top tant until you are half empty in the bottom tank)

The ALPS unit is well priced, easy to use, easy to assemble (if you read the instructions :-) ) and takes a relatively small foot space on the counter (around 30cm Diameter base).

I'm also pretty impressed that Lab tests conducted by Cairns Regional Council showed almost no detectable sodium fluoride levels, or any other harmful/dangerous chemicals.   

to read about the filter stages in the unit or to purchase an ALPS filter click here.



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Sep 22, 2021
Jan Daniel

We have had a reverse osmosis water filter with the additional mineral enricher. We plan to
move soon where a Billie filter has been installed. From research we don’t think we will be totally happy with this and are looking to install an above counter model. Our son has an Alps and we have been very impressed with the taste of the water. Could you please indicate the
expected alkaline level that the Alps produces along with any other information which may be useful. Thank you.—-Jan Daniel

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