Sweet Fennel, "Dispelleth Wind, Maketh Unfat"
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sweet fennel
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Sweet Fennel, "Dispelleth Wind, Maketh Unfat"

Sweet Fennel (aka Foeniculum vulgare) was the first essential oil I ever purchased.

Distilled from the crushed seeds of fennel.  It has a very sweet, slightly earthy/spicy, clean aroma similar to aniseed or licorice sweets.

As a herb, fennel was recognised in ancient times of Greece and Roman as a slimming aid and weight loss suppressant. It was supposed that it gave strength and courage... Ancient Greek Olympians chewed the seeds to keep slim while training.  Roman soldiers chewed the seeds to get them through til dinner.  Devout Christians would chew fennel on fasting days.  William Cole, a 17th Century herbalist said it was "much used for those that are grown fat" - lol, not entirely PC Bill, but we get the picture.  Culpeper said it was good for "breaking of wind".  

So in a nut shell according to the history of the world, Sweet Fennel is an awesome digestive herb to... Dispelleth Wind, Maketh Unfat.


But there is more to this wonderful herb...

Fennel can be used to...

  • Clean the lymphatic system (eliminate toxins) and reduce fluid retention (diuretic)
  • Reduce cellulite (combines well with birch, grapefruit & other dimply citrus oils)
  • Increasing urination, and cleansing the urinary pathways (think UTIs)
  • Promote fullness (appetite suppressant)
  • Calm flatulence
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle (where periods are scant and painful) & other fluctuating female hormone issues such as some other menopausal symptoms.
  • Regulate upper respiratory tract congestion (aka snot)
  • Treat dull skin & puffy skin (see our eye cream which you can actually use as a full face moisturiser to brighten the skin)...NB the thyroid is also important here.



For the respiratory tract

  • the seeds in a tea or
  • the oil in a diffuser.

For digestion & weight loss

  • chew the seeds, or again make a tea
  • maybe look to a the whole fennel plant in your cooking?

For skin dullness

  • Add it to your skincare products (not too much though, you may only want to add 5 drops per 100ml for the face).  Or try our walnut eye cream.

For cellulite


 Plan to reduce Cellulite

Drink a good amount of fresh pure water daily.  Body Brush daily and apply massage oil (see recipe below) afterward.  Soak once or twice a week.  Eat lots of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, and eliminate processed and heavy foods.  Movement daily.

Make a cellulite massage soak

  • To 100g of epsom salts, add
  • 15 drops Geranium essential oil
  • 15 drops Grapefruit essential oil
  • 10 drops Juniper essential oil
  • 10 drops Sweet Fennel essential oil
  • 20 g green clay
  • stir well, let sit for 30 minutes then pour in your bath tub with warm water and enjoy once a week, before body brushing.  

Make a cellulite massage oil

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